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All About Movies Data

With the fast advancement of the world entertainment technology, film fanatics and the worldwide audience can now watch their favorite films right in their homes and or even watch it through online movies data base. The VHS tapes are now replaced with DVDs, Blu-Ray and the latest, the high definition television. It becomes more exciting and convenient because you do not need to go to movie theaters, grab some popcorn, and hurry yourself up just to be on time.

Let us go back to the history of movie database software program. It started on the year 1990 which was invented by Col Needham. Three years after, a more centralized interface program was created and by 1994, this interface program was upgraded to allow information submission. The program was later placed into a web-based interface and by the year 1996, the entire project was integrated in United Kingdom and formed as the Internet Movie Database Ltd. It was later bought by, which is now the current owner of the program.

Enough of history, this software program will greatly help film collectors and fans to organize their selection of films especially when the numbers finally reached to hundreds. The fact that the prices of films became cheaper than before. It does not sound like a major problem, however with this status, we tend to accumulate more films in a form of hard and soft copies. And at the end of the day, we are overwhelmed by its endless numbers. And of course, you do not want to be buried by your own collections.

It is good that we are encouraged to buy more films because of low prices. But with the breakthrough of organizing hundreds of films, it make us more stimulated to get more. The software will enable the users to organize their list of films from letter A to letter Z film titles. Searching for a movie will not be a hassle and you just have to enjoy watching the film with your family and friends. Users are enabled to assemble a manageable file of movies.

You can buy this program online or a specialty store. Conduct a series of research, find out the reliable and reputable websites that sell legitimate software programs of film databases. Better list them and then choose the one which offers the best deal and quotes an affordable price.

Read blogs, customer testimonials, and other information that will help you come up with a good choice. Do not rush because the internet has the best resources of information. Take your time so that your collection will have the best storage program.

Once you have purchased a film database software, directly install the program into your computer and then in an instant, you can access a variety of online databases that will enable you to construct a DVD catalog. Find all your favorites films and then directly add them to your own program. There will be links that will help you find them and all related sections. You also sort and arrange the films by the actors, directors, genre, and year.

Things You Should Know About Movie

With the swift advancement of technology, most of the business fields are frequently threatened by an evil called piracy. Piracy is rampant in many creative and technology based industries. Here we will be discussing the movie industry, which is very badly hit by piracy.

Movie piracy has become a rampant and flourishing business for a large number of people. And even the general masses accept the evil as it is helping them to save a lot of money. The easy availability and pocket friendly street price tags have made the music piracy and movie piracy industry a million dollar industry throughout the world.

The movie piracy industry has become so widespread that it is causing great loss for the film producers and as well as the distributors who invest a huge sum of money for the making of each film. Movie piracy alone has cost the United States economy $20.5 billion per year in loss of business, jobs, wages and taxes, according to a recent market study.

The film industry for years has fought a war against movie piracy. The scenario has reached such an alarming stage that illegal copies of new films are easily available through street DVD sales or Internet download within days, or in some cases, before a movie’s hall release. The recent study also shows that a growing number of illegal sites are offering new movies for a free download. Though the authenticity of these downloadable movies is surely questionable, the movie buffs and those who want free entertainment are profusely downloading these movies from such illegal sites.

Many organizations all around the world had tried different ways to tackle movie piracy but nothing effective could be done till now. In the United States of America the organization named Motion Picture Association of America warned against a growing global epidemic of movie piracy. The organization also conducted a study on the Internet where it showed that nearly one fourth of the Internet users have illegally downloaded movies from the Internet.

It is quite an astonishing and disturbing fact that most of the people who buy pirated DVDs or CDs or download pirated movies from the Internet do not know that they are committing a crime or an offence. They are also unaware of the fact that they are the cause for the loss of jobs to a lot of people.

The study was conducted by an organization that queried three thousand and six hundred Internet users in eight countries about online movie piracy. The study was performed in France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Japan, the U.K., and the USA. The survey showed that online movie piracy is growing too fast and most of the users are not even aware of the offence.

A Tale About Movies

Cinemax, is an Indian company which operates theaters. It is a part of the famous Kanakia Group. Cinemax has about 138 screens, and in Mumbai alone operates from 14 different locations.

Preceding films, many years ago, plays and dances were sources of entertainment for the people. Plays had elements common to films. They had sets, scripts, actors, background scores, storyboards and audiences. Due to the absence of technology they could not be recorded. Post the 1860s celluloid was developed for still photography, making it possible, to directly capture objects in motion in realtime. By the 1880s the motion picture camera was invented allowing individual component images to be captured as well as stored on a single reel. This quickly led to the development of the motion film projector that could project these images on a large screen for the audience. The earlier forms of motion pictures had only visuals and no sound, what we today call, the silent movies. Theater owners would hire a pianist or an organist to play the background score as the film ran on the large screen.

The greatest innovation in the history of film was perhaps the development of the technicolor which was used to put color in isolated sequences.

The making and showing of motion pictures/movies became a profit making business as soon as the process was invented. Now each country has its own local movies that play successfully. Movie making is now a serious business. Not only it generates work for Movie makers, actors, directors, producers but also generates people who work as a result of the ever growing movie business, such as, movie critics, Original soundtrack analysts. Everyone today wants to be a movie star. Every movie star wants his/her movie to run, they want their Cinemax tickets, IMAX tickets, fame tickets etc to be sold like hot cakes. That is the amount of craze movies have generated. Movies are seen as a source of entertainment for the public. Be it friends or family, a movie outing is always there on their priority lists.

Going to theaters to watch movies for entertainment is one thing. Now, even the experience of the movie theater counts. How good the seats are, is the snack bar good enough, is the screen of topnotch quality and other questions are raised by the general public. Companies use this as to make a profit. A good theater with a good quality screen, nice recliner seats, a good snack bar is a “go” for a movie-goer. The ticket selling business is also on a whole new level now. Tickets can be booked online. For example, if you wanted to buy Cinemax tickets, all you have to do is log on to their site and book online. Also, there are mobile platforms that sell tickets, including Cinemax tickets, Fame tickets etc.

Cinemax has an array of luxuries offered to the movie-goer. Their red lounge has massage chairs that give people a different experience altogether. Cinemax tickets are sold like hot cakes all over the country. Theaters like Cinemax not only hold movies, but also events like the Football world cup on the big screen. This kind of variety attracts a wide array of crowd, right from the youth, to the golden oldies. Cinemax tickets are sold in plenty because of the variety they offer Thousands of movies are released in the world every year making the movie industry one of the most profitable industries in the world. An industry even recession cannot touch. After all, who would like to miss out on good movies, right?

Brief History About Movie Projector

When you watch a movie in a cinema, you will find that the most important device that is used is a movie projector. This device projects the frames from a rool of film. As the result, the moving picture is created. Then, the picture is projected to a screen. In a movie projector, there are 4 components that include the lamp, lens, spool and audio. If all components work properly, you will be able to enjoy the movie that you want to watch.

Back to the past, the movie projector was invented in the 1890’s. In that period, there were many inventors around the world created the film devices. But, the most significant inventions were made by Thomas Edison and Lumiere brothers. There are many movie projection devices that were invented in the 1890’s up to the early 1900’s. Cinematographs, vitascope and kinetoscope were some of early movie projectors.

The cinematographe
The Lumiere brothers were the first people who invented the movie projector. They knew about photograph since they worked for their father’s photography firms. They came to the invention of the movie projector after they made improvements to the still pothograph process. After their father retired in 1982, they began to create the moving pictures until they came to patent the cinematographe in 1985. This patented process showed the very first footage. Because of the footage, the workers started leaving the firm.

The cinematographe that the Lumiere brothers invented was a projector or film camera. It could process take photos, process film and project it in one device. It was portable was and was very great way to be used for film short sequences. But, the length of the cinematographe films was only a few seconds.

The kinetograph
Thomas Edison was the person who introduced the moving picture camera in 1893. The kinetograph was the film that he invented. There was a cabinet that held a continuous loop of celluloid film. The kinetograph was backlit by an incandescent lamp and was powered by an electric motor. It was viewed through an eye piece. This showed the images of music performers, acrobats and boxing. In its era, this film was very popular.

The Vitascope
This is film projection was invented by C. Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat in 1896. With this projection film, many audiences were able to watch the movie that was played.