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A Reflection of What Filmmaking School Students

This year’s Oscar nominations for Best Picture are clearly a stark contrast from last year’s nominees. Whereas the 2010 Academy Awards were dominated by big-budget science fiction and 3D films (with Avatar taking centre stage), this year’s movies are more serious, and coincide with what is primarily taught at a prestigious American filmmaking school. The Oscars this year are focusing on deeper themes, such as confidence, communication, courage, class and friendship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the nominations during previous years were lackluster. Purists at your typical filmmaking school would be foolish to say that “The Hurt Locker” or “Slumdog Millionaire” pale in comparison to this year’s nominees. Even “Avatar,” which left many wanting with its plot, cannot be easily dismissed.

Still, the shift from movies such as 2009’s “Slumdog Millionaire” and 2010’s “The Hurt Locker,” to more serious films such as “Black Swan,” “The Social Network,” and “True Grit” among others, is remarkable. One cannot help but ask if this reflects another change in the appetite of moviegoers. According to the Toronto International Film Festival’s co-director, Cameron Bailey, this year’s Best Picture nominations prove that moviegoers aren’t just interested in big-budget films with crazy special effects. Instead, it’s the experience gleaned from watching movies that matters most.

What to Know About Movie

Only very few people get to be movie stars overnight, due to some special circumstances or qualities that they have. For most people it takes hard work and very many auditions. Anyone who has the dream of becoming a movie star should be ready to go through many years of struggle. The good news is that there will always be new movies to audition for, but the bad news is that for each role, there are hundreds of hopefuls. Today there are web sites that help to connect people with information about where to get auditions or where casting calls are being held.

Knowing where auditions are taking place is vital information for any prospective actor. While in the past you needed an agent to give you the information, today, the sites have made it possible for anyone from any part of the country to get this information. The sites act as liaisons and when someone registers at the sites, a profile page is opened for them. The information can be accessed by agents and casting directors who can then contact the hopefuls directly to ask them to audition. This has made the process of getting auditions easy for all the parties involved. The sites also offer information and tips that are useful for anyone hoping to get into the profession.

Every time there are new show auditions, there are hundreds of actors hoping to get a part that will propel them to stardom. While it can only happen to a few people at a time, it helps to go for many of the auditions. With each audition, a person learns something new that will be helpful in the future. With time the auditions get easier and eventually the perseverance pays of. Many well-known stars have stories to tell about the number of auditions they had to go for, before they got their big break. Those still waiting for the big break should view each audition as gaining experience.

While there are people who have given up after going for auditions and failing to get any work, for many, the dream keeps them going and they continue to wait. Those who are dedicated take the lessons learned with each audition to propel them further. It is always important to remember that the next audition may be the one that opens the door. As you go for the auditions, you should always remember that you are in the presence of casting directors. Even though you do not get the particular role, you can leave a lasting impression that the director will remember the next time he is casting. Instead of focusing on the roles that you missed, focus on the next audition.

Going About Movie

Movie auditions usually tend to have throng of hopefuls at them. This is because everyone wants to get their shot at being a star. For this reason, you have to stand out from the hundreds of people who will be auditioned that very day.

1. Ensure that you arrive early for the audition. Do not try to arrive right on time, this will not give you sufficient time to get into character or practice. Arriving late is absolutely out of the question. Try to get to the audition venue as early as you can. This will allow you adequate enough time to rehearse and practice before going on stage.

2. Do not dress as the character you are playing when you go for your movie audition. Dress the way you would dress when you want to impress someone. Ensure you look presentable and your clothes should be immaculate. In any case, if the casting directors would like to put you in wardrobe and makeup then they will do so. This is because it is like a job interview. Dress to impress, but not in character.

3. Research about the movie project beforehand. This will keep you informed. Having this research done will also enable you to know what is expected of you. Research on the director of the movie will help you anticipate what to expect from them. Background information on the character you are auditioning for will help you tune into the psyche of that character. This will give you an edge over the other people auditioning for the same role as you will have connected with the character. You want to use as much emotion as possible, and show them that you can truly become the character you’re trying to play.

4. If you have been given some lines to memorize for your audition, make sure that you have memorized them beforehand. Reading from a script will not give you flexibility in your performance. Ensure you know your lines by heart and even practice them with your friends repeatedly. Also practice on your own in front of a mirror every day or even without the mirror. You want to incorporate facial expressions and body movements with the performance that you give to full show the affects of the character and what they are saying or doing. It will put a more dramatic effect on your performance.

The Good Thing About Movie

Having an opportunity to watch a movie is indeed pleasurable. If you haven’t tried watching any movie, I bet you are one of those native people who are not yet open for the luxury that technology offers. Movies can sometimes have a nice or an awful story. There would be chances that you will regret watching the movies you thought you would enjoy and how you wish that you can take your money back. Well, there is nothing you can do about it. As the saying goes, all people are different so not all people will have the same taste in the kind of movies.

Money is always a part when you are watching a movie, its like having your favorite artist in your screen and paying for them. Since you are spending money when you are watching a movie of course you are expecting to be amazed or at least to be entertained. You are not spending money just to feel bad or to feel sad. There are lots of hardships in life. So it means that you want your money to be worth it. If it won’t be worth it why bother yourself in going to the movie house?

Movie reviews are good option to figure out what kind of movie is good to watch. Although there are lots of opinions in movie reviews, it is still important because you can see the overall impact of the movie to its critics.

Movie reviews is a good way for you to know the main story of the film. This won’t exactly state the plot of the story as this will only help you on what to expect in the film you selected. Whether if its drama, action, or comedy. You can also get information about the movie, whether it is a true story or based upon a book. With a good movie reviews at hand you can examine the quality of a certain film.

Movie reviews also gives you hint on what to expect. If you are concern about the quality of the acting skills of the actors and actresses movie critics is a good way to go. Through the aid of movie reviews you will know whether the performance of the stars in the movie was excellent.

What You Need to Know About Movie

Going to audition for a part in a movie may seem daunting but it does not have to be so. All you need is some confidence, preparation and nailing your execution. Keep in mind, that not all actors got their big break from their first audition. This guide should help you make the most of every audition that you will attend until you finally have your big break.

The first thing you need to do is research the movie that you are going to audition for. Find out if it is based on a book, whether it is based on true events, or whether it is an original manuscript. An original manuscript is written by a screenwriter so your research would be limited to other manuscripts the screenwriter has written so that you can get a feel of their style. You may also want to find out who the director is so that you can watch some of the movies they have directed before. This will give you an idea of what kind of acting may be expected from you. If the movie is based on a book, try your best to read the book before your audition. This will help invariably in understanding the direction of the movie. If the movie is based on true events, go online and try to learn as much as you can of what went on. Movies depicting true events rarely stick to exactly what happened, but it will help you understand the story more.

Movie auditions will normally send you your lines in advance so that you may memorize them. Ensure that you do. Once you have them memorized, try out your delivery on several of your friends and family members. Pick people who will give you an honest opinion. You do not want to be lied to that you are giving a great performance and you are not. So take the criticism positively and make your delivery better. Performing for several people will also give you a diverse range of opinions. This should influence your performance positively.

Before the day of your audition, make sure you have prior arrangements for transport. You should ensure that you arrive at the venue before your call time. Being on time may not give you enough time to practice your lines one last time and being late will not make a good impression. The earlier you arrive, the more time you have to get rid of last minute nerves and to get into your role.