A Tale About Movies

Cinemax, is an Indian company which operates theaters. It is a part of the famous Kanakia Group. Cinemax has about 138 screens, and in Mumbai alone operates from 14 different locations.

Preceding films, many years ago, plays and dances were sources of entertainment for the people. Plays had elements common to films. They had sets, scripts, actors, background scores, storyboards and audiences. Due to the absence of technology they could not be recorded. Post the 1860s celluloid was developed for still photography, making it possible, to directly capture objects in motion in realtime. By the 1880s the motion picture camera was invented allowing individual component images to be captured as well as stored on a single reel. This quickly led to the development of the motion film projector that could project these images on a large screen for the audience. The earlier forms of motion pictures had only visuals and no sound, what we today call, the silent movies. Theater owners would hire a pianist or an organist to play the background score as the film ran on the large screen.

The greatest innovation in the history of film was perhaps the development of the technicolor which was used to put color in isolated sequences.

The making and showing of motion pictures/movies became a profit making business as soon as the process was invented. Now each country has its own local movies that play successfully. Movie making is now a serious business. Not only it generates work for Movie makers, actors, directors, producers but also generates people who work as a result of the ever growing movie business, such as, movie critics, Original soundtrack analysts. Everyone today wants to be a movie star. Every movie star wants his/her movie to run, they want their Cinemax tickets, IMAX tickets, fame tickets etc to be sold like hot cakes. That is the amount of craze movies have generated. Movies are seen as a source of entertainment for the public. Be it friends or family, a movie outing is always there on their priority lists.

Going to theaters to watch movies for entertainment is one thing. Now, even the experience of the movie theater counts. How good the seats are, is the snack bar good enough, is the screen of topnotch quality and other questions are raised by the general public. Companies use this as to make a profit. A good theater with a good quality screen, nice recliner seats, a good snack bar is a “go” for a movie-goer. The ticket selling business is also on a whole new level now. Tickets can be booked online. For example, if you wanted to buy Cinemax tickets, all you have to do is log on to their site and book online. Also, there are mobile platforms that sell tickets, including Cinemax tickets, Fame tickets etc.

Cinemax has an array of luxuries offered to the movie-goer. Their red lounge has massage chairs that give people a different experience altogether. Cinemax tickets are sold like hot cakes all over the country. Theaters like Cinemax not only hold movies, but also events like the Football world cup on the big screen. This kind of variety attracts a wide array of crowd, right from the youth, to the golden oldies. Cinemax tickets are sold in plenty because of the variety they offer Thousands of movies are released in the world every year making the movie industry one of the most profitable industries in the world. An industry even recession cannot touch. After all, who would like to miss out on good movies, right?